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Health & Wellness Ministry

The Fresh Fire Health & Wellness Ministry will provided our church with a foundation for integrating health awareness messages, healthy living prevention tips and powerful engagement sessions/ activities - all based on the Word of God. 

Health & Wellness

Community Outreach


Educational and interactive health fairs are planned to engage the church congregation, neighborhood residents and community. These high-spirited events are complete with personal health screenings, healthy cooking lessons, fitness demonstrations, informative presentations and educational resources. 

Dine & Learn Workshops


 Health education and awareness sessions are showcased in a classroom setting. These workshops showcase a variety of disease states, therapeutic conditions and health topics. 

Ministry Enrichment


The Health & Wellness Ministry meets the FFC Congregation where they are! A creative and engaging 10-minute presentation, a “Healthy Highlight”, is delivered to Ministry Teams throughout FFC to promote awareness and encourage action toward healthier behaviors. Topics are aligned with the National Health and Wellness Observance calendar. 

Preventive Care